The Law Office of Andrew W. Twietmeyer has successfully certified a class action against Casino Career Center, Inc. ("CCC") in Temecula California (Riverside Superior Court Case No. RIC-1412598).

The Complaint alleges fraud and false advertising under California Common Law and the California Unfair Competition Law.

The Complaint alleges, among other violations, that CCC has falsely advertised that it is a State-Certified school by using a defunct certification number that, in fact, expired eleven years ago; and that CCC has falsely advertised that all of CCC’s instructors are “state certified.”

Twietmeyer Law Files Class Action Complaint Against Temecula's Casino Career Center, Inc.

The class includes “Any person who, on or after December 24, 2010, paid tuition to Defendants or any agent or employee of any Defendant, for enrollment in, or attendance at, CCC.”

The Complaint seeks restitution of all tuition payments made by the class members, in addition to compensatory damages, punitive damages, and injunctive relief. A copy of the Complaint is available here.

If you paid tuition for classes at CCC during the relevant time period, or if you have any information related to this case, the Law Office of Andrew W. Twietmeyer would like to hear from you. Please call (310) 909-7138 or email: